Paris in a vintage 2CV Citroën

Why visiting Paris in a 2CV Citroën?

A 2CV car is a typical French vintage car. The manufacturer Citroën started its production around the 40’s to motorize farmers and with the goal to offer to the French an affordable, light yet very durable car.

Visiting Paris in an authentic 2CV car is a travel in time! It will really change the way you discover the city! Far from the modern cars, the 2CV offers a great retro experience. Cobblestone streets of Montmartre, back lanes, hidden gems, small passages and iconic moments like Eiffel Tower can be easily accessed. This is unique way to discover Paris!

With our team of experienced and friendly Parisian drivers, you’ll be able to learn about the history of Paris, discover the Parisian lifestyle like locals and enjoy the city the best way!

We won’t only make you discover Paris : We’ll introduce you to its secrets, at a smooth pace and we’ll make it memorable!

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 The City of Lights 2CV Tour

The 2CV Experience
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